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Elegant kitchen trading


And always ORIGINAL

With a lifetime warranty & -EKT-

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EKT Is Better Than Ever

100% Fully Guarantee


Quality & Speed

Greetings EKT Maintenance Team

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You can at any time during the week

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Do you need to Gasket According to your choice?

Well through (EKT) You can now request According to your request in the appropriate sizes.
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Why Choose EKT?

  • why choose elegant kitchen trading ?
  • Our company offers all the best, to the customers, according to their assessment of the company
  • Why choose maintenance with us ?
  • We provide maintenance with all speed and reliability at work,
  • and with guarantee for maintenance
  • Ex. of companies, which we provide maintenance:
  • ikea qatar
    sheraton qatar
    Turkey Central Restaurant
    And much more …


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Controller , DIXELL

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Heating Element

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Fryer Basket

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